Giving more teeth to the Bio-Medical Waste Management Rules, 2016, Meghalaya SPCB directs all bio-medical waste generators in the State to obtain Authorization

The Meghalaya State Pollution Control Board (“MSPCB”) has issued a Public Notice on June 6th, 2019 reiterating the penalty for not complying with the requirement to obtain an authorization under the Biomedical Waste Management Rules, 2016 (“Rules”).

The notice is issued to all individuals and companies who generate, collect, receive, store, transport, treat, dispose, or handle biomedical waste.

The non-compliant institutions are mandated to obtain an authorization under the Rules within 6th July, 2019.

The penalty for not complying with the above requirement will attract a penalty amounting to:

Imprisonment for a period of 5 years or a Fine of Rs. 1,00,000/- or both.

Source: Meghalaya State Pollution Control Board

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