Objections and suggestions invited on the draft Delhi Cantonment Board Solid Waste Management Bye-laws 2020 by 21st January, 2021

The Ministry of Defence has issued the draft Delhi Cantonment Board Solid Waste Management Bye-laws, 2020 (“draft bye-laws”). Objections and suggestions on the draft bye-laws have been invited till 21st January, 2021. Such objections/ suggestions may be addressed to the Office Superintendent, Delhi Cantonment Board, Delhi.

Key compliance obligations:

1. Requirement to segregate and store solid waste at source into three streams consisting of ‘non-biodegradable or dry waste’; ‘biodegradable or wet waste’ and ‘domestic hazardous waste’;

2. deposit segregated waste into covered waste bins and handover the same to designated waste collectors or authorised waste processing or disposal facilities or deposition centres through the authorised waste collection agency;
Note: Colour of bins for storage of segregated waste shall be green for biodegradable waste, blue for nonbiodegradable or dry waste and black for domestic hazardous waste;
3. Prohibition on littering in any public place, on any property except in authorised public or private litter receptacles;

4. No person shall litter in any drain, river, open pond or in water bodies;

5. Disposal by burning of any type of solid waste at public places or at any private or public property is strictly prohibited;

6. Every person shall endeavour that any public place in front of or adjacent to any premises owned or occupied by him, including the footpath and open drain or gutter and kerb, is free of any waste, either in solid or liquid form;

7. For public gatherings and events organised in public places for any reason (including for processions, exhibitions, circuses, fairs, political rallies, commercial, religious, socio-cultural events, protests and demonstrations, etc.,) where the permission from the police department or from the Board, as the case may be, is required, it shall be the responsibility of the organiser of the event or gathering to ensure the cleanliness of that area as well as all appurtenant areas;
Note: Refundable cleanliness deposit (as notified by the Board), shall be collected by the authorised officer for the duration of the event from the organiser. This deposit shall be refunded on the completion of the event after it is noted that the said public place has been restored back to a clean state, and any waste generated as a result of the event has been collected and transported to designated sites;
8. It shall be the duty of Manufacturers or brand owners of disposable products, sanitary napkins and diapers to provide necessary financial assistance to the Board for establishment of waste management system;

9. The Manufacturers or brand owners or marketing companies of sanitary napkins and diapers shall explore the possibility of using all recyclable materials in their products or they shall provide a pouch or wrapper for disposal of each napkin or diapers along with the packet of their sanitary products and it shall be the responsibility of all such manufacturers, brand owners or marketing companies to educate the masses for wrapping and disposing their products;

10. All industrial units using fuel and located within one hundred kms’ from a solid waste based refuse derived fuel plant shall make arrangements to replace at least five per cent. of their fuel requirement by refused derived fuel so produced.


Source: Ministry of Defence


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