The Department of Environment, Chandigarh lists out the industry sectors classified as White Category Industries

The Department of Environment, Chandigarh in its official website listed out the industry sectors that are categorized as “White Category Industries”.

The following are the sectors that have been classified as “White Category Industries”: –

Sl. No. Industry Sector
1. Air coolers /conditioners
2. Bicycles ,baby carriages
3. Bailing of waste papers
4. Bio fertilizer /bio-pesticides
5. Biscuits trays
6. Blending / packing of tea
7. Block making of printing
8. Chalk making
9. Compressed oxygen gas
10. Cotton and woollen hosiers
11. Diesel pump repairing
12. Electric lamp ( bulb) and CFL
13. Electrical and electronic item
14. Engineering and fabrication units
15. Flavoured betel nuts
16. Fly ash bricks/ block
17. Fountain pen
18. Glass ampules
19. Glass putty and sealant
20. Ground nut decorticating
21. Handloom/ carpet weaving
22. Leather cutting and stitching
23. Coir items from coconut husks
24. Metal caps containers etc
25. Shoe brush and wire brush
26. Medical oxygen
27. Organic and inorganic nutrients
28. Organic manure
29. Packing of powdered milk
30. Paper pins and u clips
31. Repairing of electric motors /generators
32. Rope (plastic and cotton)
33. Scientific and mathematical instrument
34. Solar module non-conventional energy apparatus
35. Solar power generation through solar photovoltaic cell, wind power and mini hydel power (less than 25 MW)
36. Surgical and medical products assembling
37. Diesel Generator Set upto 1MVA

Department of Environment, Chandigarh

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